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How to Ship Meat & Perishables

Every food firm that distributes items to clients must thoroughly understand how to handle perishable foods. Shipping frozen meats by overnight or 2nd Day service with the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or any private courier is safe.

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How to Ship Luggage

Shipping your luggage to your hotel or new home can be a convenient alternative to keeping it with you while traveling. Here is an overview of how to ship luggage, why it might be a good fit for you, and how choosing Pak Mail can help you start your next trip off right!

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Expert Packing Services at Pak Mail

We know how disappointing it can be to open a box and find the contents ruined due to improper packing—Pak Mail's expert packing services can reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

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Shipping Baked Goods

Most bakeries want to expand their reach by selling baked goods online. As a bakery owner, you want your customers to receive intact, fresh, and safe-to-consume baked goods.

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How to Ship a Bike

Whether you're moving, have a fun bike vacation, are traveling, or would like to send a bike to your customers, there are many occasions you'll want to ship a bike. When shipping a bike, you'll want the bicycle to reach its destination without any damaged seat tubes or bent frames.

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How to Ship Packages Internationally

Shipping packages internationally is a much more complex process than domestic shipping. While it's possible to do it all by yourself, the numerous processes and customs laws can slow you down or create room for error and loss.

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How to Ship a Package to Australia

Australia is one of the fastest growing ecommerce markets. But, serving the Australian market as a U.S-based firm isn't that easy, especially if you are not conversant with international shipping regulations. Australia is remote, making sea and air shipments costly.

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What Identification Does a Notary Need

You may have heard of incidents where one side falsely claimed they did not sign a document, disadvantaging the other party. Some of them incurred losses of up to millions of dollars. Notarial services can prevent disputes of this nature.

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