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Pack and Ship Services in Greenland Beach, MD

Where Office Tasks Get Done

Pak Mail Greenland Beach offers shipping, packing, crating and freight services in Greenland Beach, MD. Get an estimate to ship your items now.

At Pak Mail Greenland Beach, we pack and ship anything, anywhere. We ship large items, freight, artwork, antiques and much more. Our expert staff have years of experience with building crates and packing fragile items like artwork.

Packing, Shipping & Other Services

To our Pak Mail family & friends:

We will remain open and keep our regular hours in this time of need. We are following the state and local official regulations regarding COVID-19, and will provide a clean environment for everyone. Cleaning includes, but not limited to: disinfecting counters, pens, staplers, credit card/fax machines and door handles. With no line and limited wait times you will be in and out. During this period if you are sending a care package to a loved one, Pak Mail will apply a 10% discount on your shipping and supplies (Care packages can include - but are not limited to - Food, masks, money, boxes of cloths and/or cleaning supplies.) To receive this discount mention our Care packages note from this website. If we all remain clean, informed, and calm we will get through this together.

Stay well,

Your Pak Mail Greenland Beach


July 5, 2019:

This is Ignacio Carrera. You prepared the computer monitor, so I could take with with me back to Argentina. I wanted to let you know that after over 6,000 miles, two airplanes, and one 12-hour bus ride, the monitor arrived in perfect conditions and is what I'm using now to send you this note.

Great job, THANK YOU!


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